About me


My dear,

Thank you for visiting my one stop inspiration blog! I am truly honored!!

You’ve landed the page which holds the most information about me ever, in this phase, on this site. You might have noticed that there is no specific avatar on the homepage, or any other page, which has a frontal faced picture of me or holds information about me, other than this section About Me. That is because I want to be known for my flatlays and blog articles and not for my name or face.

My core business is the stylespread aka flatlay. You can find them under Outfit Inspiration. I hope you had a good time or will have a good time scrolling through my flatlay projects and found or will find inspiration for your little one, your mini-me, your partner in crime or yourselves. For even more inspiration: follow me on Instagram.

Recently I started blogging as well. Didn’t expect it would be so much fun to do! If you e.g. want your brand or shop to be blogged about: go to Contact. Needless to say that the blog articles are grouped under Blog. 

Cause you share things about you and your shop/brand on your site, I of course understand that you want to kind of get-to-know me as well, hence herewith some random facts:

1. I am named after one of the worlds biggest international airports. But no, my name is not Amsterdam. Nor London. Nor Paris. Or LAX for that matter. But my parents just found my name on the credits list of Saturday Night Fever. True.

2. The year abovementioned movie came out, is the year I was born. I am not the usual Virgo. I am one who mastered the art of imperfection. Oh my, have I learned (and still learning).

3. I come from large families, where fashion was a way of life. My roots are Indonesian and I have 2 younger sisters.

4. I am a not a mum. I do am an aunt to the always curious cheeky girls J+F. Their current ages are 7+4. Their behaviour varies from sophisticated to downward tantrum-like. If you know what I mean.

5. J+F are abfab in their way of looking at the world and placing themselves in it. Like, ‘knowing everything already’ or in Dutch ‘dat wist ik al lang’ and keep calling me Little Auntie , despite their own heights. Btw, that’s where my brand name comes from.

6. I don’t have a certain fashion style. I just have my own style. Love classy, sporty and casual. Love sneakers, flats and high heels. But most of my love goes to handmade leather western boots. I once bought 3 pairs of Sendra boots on a Saturday. In less than 30 minutes. Make it 20. No joke. Went straight home from the shop and didn’t leave the house for the remainder of the weekend, afraid to spend even more money in an instance. I can truly say that it was part of retail therapy at that moment.

7. I love kids fashion, interior and all. Hence me creating spreads I hope you like.

8. I love to laugh out loud. And I can laugh even harder about myself as well. Especially when I tend to take myself too seriously.

9. My day to day operations consists of CRM consultancy. I am a CRM-nerd. Love it. Yes, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

10. I excercise a lot. There is just no reason not to.

11. Am single, very social, extrovert and outgoing. This sometimes lead to confusion of the other gender. I just love talking to people and meet new people and get to know them.

12. I love life.

13. Always open for feedback. Shout if you have any!

14. Who moved my cheese is a great inspiration. As positive forward looking people are.

15. In addition to 14.: …but kids + instagram even more though.

16. I am a Harry Potter, LOTR and Twilight fan. Don’t ask. When new Harry Potter editions were launched, mostly at Saturday midnights, I went to the bookstore first, before clubbin’. So, there I stood on high heels and the whole shbam, to make sure I got a book. Serious. Brought them to the club with me, no joke, and made sure never ever to leave without after dancing.

17. I love reading chicklits, but do not, I repeat, do not like to watch romcoms. Yes, contradiction I know. Although the Notebook touched me somehow. Or was it just Ryan Gosling. Don’t know. When it comes to reading I am also a huge Patricia Cornwell and Elizabeth George fan. As well as Tom Clancy and Ludlum. Oh and Susan Townsend and….many, many more. Love reading books in English. Somehow the stories just get me better. Even the management books. 7 habits and all.

18. Orlando Bloom is the most sexiest elf I ‘know’.

19. I am constantly balancing my love for chocolate and quinoa, freekah and vegetables. The struggle is real.

20. I love my family. In all its extraordinaries. No doubt.

Enjoy my blog!

Xo, #littleauntie