byFerial: Dare To Be Different in Rotterdam!


I formally would like to introduce you to byFerial. A Rotterdam (where else?!) based brand which prints and design so caught my eye on IG somewhere Q1 last year. Since then I’m a huge fan! Founder, owner & super creative behind the brand is fashion designer Ferial de Groot.

Grey Braided TeeWho IS Ferial…

Ferial graduated the Artemis Styling Academy in Rotterdam in 2008 and worked for several fashion brands. In 2010 she successfully started her own brand: byFerial. Designing unique, one of a kind, no nonsense t-shirts for both men and women, whereas since 2011 she focuses only on men.

And not just any kind of men! No, her designs are dedicated to those men who stand against the status quo and are not willing to commit themselves to wear something which has been produced for the masses! Therefore I personally like the brand even more!


…. and a little bit more about her…

Ferial starts her days at 7am in the morning and works until late! She puts all of her positive energy into making (little) customers happy. Collecting fabrics, cutting and sewing: every tee is original and handmade by this one-woman show. I say one person, but Ferial highly appreciates and thankfully accepts all the help she gets from her hard working intern Elsemieke. In between all the work she pauses now and then to enjoy the cheese cake with dates and wall nuts from one of our other local heroes: Dudok. And for the bigger breaks in life she tends to spend her time in Italy: food, sun, culture and people! Next to fashion design, Ferial is also one of the founders of PLATFORM 104. A creative hub in Rotterdam. A place where design, creative talent and art come together.

You know, when this woman didn’t became a fashion designer, we would have lost her into the world of jewellery. How lucky we are!


Black/White Paper Boats

… and the things she makes…

Her tees are to be described as: simple, progressive design, wide collars, somewhat longer than a ‘standard’ length and beautifully detailed finished.

You know what’s also special about her tees collection?   3 x special actually:

  1. every first of the month a new collection is being released AND….
  2. she also designs for the mini men amongst us! Hurray! AND…
  3. there’s  dad + son twinning material as well!

Origami Animals


This mini boys’ collection of sweaters/cardigans/tees is truly made for the little wiseguys in our midst.!

Read these new collection pictures between my lines for first impressions.

Keep catching up with the byFerial label, not only through the webshop, but make sure you follow all of the stripes, flowers, cubes, origami and so on through IG and Facebook as well!

Xo, #littleauntie

All photo credits go to byFerial.