Little Indians: Dream Big in Rotterdam!


Peepz, I’m back at you again.

This time to talk about a brand for all those little indians. A brand with the biggest of dreams which actually are happening. Right now. You’re guessing right: it’s Little Indians this time.

THE reasons why I wanted to write about this brand are:

  • the owner is one of the super kindest persons I know and really one you should watch!
  • the brand is just amazing and
  • recently they’ve launched a new website.

Whom am I talking about? Yes, you’re right again, it’s Vanessa de Kock-Erasmus. Personally I’ve known her for being this inspiring, creative, talented, goal getting and kind individual, who also happens to be one of the original founders of the nowadays international Swanmarket. A lady who had the biggest guts ever to step out of the Swanmarkets local peak to start a new business again of her own. How brave is that!

Little Indians is build on big love for her own 2 little young men: Dayne & Jimmy. These 2 little fellas are her greatest source of inspiration, next to everyday life and travelling. Vanessa has a mission to accomplish with her brand: it’s creating products for the little ones that seamlessly and effortlessly fit in the modern mama lifestyle.  And you know what? She’s doing an excellent job! These mums (dads, aunties and uncles etc. as well) can go crazy on the babies and toddler collection of shoes, shirts, leggings, dresses, rompers Little Indians has to offer.

The brand just started in 2014, but has as we speak 125 worldwide selling points already. Not only in Europe, but accross several oceans, Little Indians is also available in the USA, Korea and Tawian. Big dreams, bigs steps, how awesome!

The media is also a huge fan of  Little Indians , with publications in Dutch magazines like JAN Magazine, LINDA., Ouders van nu en de Flair.

This seasons wear is again a mix of easy fit with a bohemian look, my favorite print is the cactus. A couple of months ago I spotted the cactus-trend and I’m happy to say that this is still to be found at Little Indians. How fun!

If you want to find out what Little Indians has to offer, open their lookbook through the link below or visit the site.

And don’t forget to follow them through the usual suspects:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter en Pinterest.

Xo, #littleauntie

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