Hot Days call for This Cool Kid

Moccasin Skye in hand_ThisCoolKid_ToughCookieStore

Stylish HEAT alert! Herewith a little breeze to start off the next coming hot days: This Cool Kid. Hopefully the warm days will turn into weeks and the weeks into months and… Ok, I’ll stop cause I might sound a little like ‘Days of our Lives’. Which some of you might recognize as a 90’s tv-show. But I’m really drifting off now…

So, when looking for independent small shops to follow on Instagram, I stumbled upon This Cool Kid. A webshop founded in 2014 by 20-something mummy Ashlee, mother of a 2 year old boy named Otis.

During her pregnancy she couldn’t find any unique, stylish must-have clothing and accessories for the little man, hence she built up a webshop  selling unique local and international kids brands. Not only is the shop focussed on kids stuff, but there’s also something in it for the fashion minded mommies and dads.

This Cool Kid already hit the collabs by working together with Tough Cookie Store, creating the Moccasin Skye. (Yes, I know, they’re adorable!)

Moccasin Skye_ThisCoolKid_ToughCookieStore

And teaming up with Studio Sijm, designing fashionable Poster Flags. (Hail, hail!)

Poster Flag Yay_ThisCoolKid_StudioSijm


Poster Flag You are my Winner_ThisCoolKid_StudioSijm



I really think on top of the earlier mentioned stuff from the shop, I think the next items are as equally cool as well!

ThisCoolKid_Crosses ThisCoolKid_Denim Shirt
ThisCoolKid_Jellyfish ThisCoolKid_Wanderlust

I can’t even handle the stylish diaper bags and matching dad and son swimwear! You really have to take a look!

Sometimes it’s even possible to take a ‘live’ look, when they’re present with a stand at one of the Pop-Up Shop Events. I’d say keep a close eye on the calendar, will you!

Some facts about the founder:

1. THE love of her life is this_cool_dad. For real! Yes!

2. Slightly chaotic type (I think we all have that where’s my key, I think I left it over here, no there, where’s my purse, where’s my this and that-kind of thing,)

3. Claims to be a singer driver or driving singer (Read: the ones that sing in the car. While driving. My guilty pleasure as well. No shame.)

4. Has a Netflix-addiction

5. R&B music lover

6. Fights tears when the national anthem comes along

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Xo, #littleauntie

Photo credits: This Cool Kid