Carlijn Q.

Hi folks!

Paperbag XXL - Flags

Paperbag XXL – Flags

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about Qtie Clothing and about Sayswoo, first shops I spotted on my social media journey.

Another shop that I’m very fond of from the start, is Carlijn Q. Owner of this webshop, is Carlijn Quirijnen, mother from an adorable baby daughter, named Doris. Anyone who follows Carlijn Q. on Instagram, knows that Doris frequently pops op in the Carlijn Q.-feed with even her own hashtag: #babydoris. You- should-follow-if-only-for-Doris’ smile!

Carlijn initially created baby and kids accessories for private use, but as we often see happening with these kind of initiatives, is the enthusiasm grown and shown by others. Hence she started creating handmade stuff for commercial purposes. And she does well!

In the webshop, you will not only find her own created accessoriesfashion and shoes, but also a lot of items created by others.

We, grown ups are not being forgotten either, because you can enlighten your interior with her home decorations.

And one last additional comment: almost everything in her shop is black and white! Yes! Black and white!!!

I’d say connect yourself through one of these channels: Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and you’ll see why I am such a huge fan!


See my created flatlays for inspiration:

Flatlay Shorts - Triangles

Inspiration Flatlay Shorts – Triangles


Flatlay Shorts - Birds white. jpg

Inspiration Flatlay with Shorts – Birds White

Flatlay Shorts - Zebra vs Cheetah

Inspiration Flatlay with Shorts – Zebra vs Cheetah

My favourites are:

Cover - Half Moon

Cover – Half Moon


Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls

Cubebot - White

Cubebot – White

Paperbag XXL - Batman

Paperbag XXL – Batman

Cover - Plus

Cover – Plus

Shorts - Bird White

Shorts – Bird White

Paperbag XXL - Grid

Paperbag XXL – Grid

Shorts - Zebra vs Cheetah

Shorts – Zebra vs Cheetah

Picture Credits: Carlijn Q.