Says Woo: kids clothing and kids accessories

Ice cream pen + lipgloss

Whoosa! Says Woo!

One of the first shops that I spotted on Instagram when I started this journey, was Says Woo. A Dutch webshop, selling kidsclothing and kidsaccessories, which has its roots in Rotterdam (of course!). Despite the roots, they ship worldwide too!

Founder and creative force behind this shop is the now 31-year-old Daphne Leeuwestein. She was born in Seoul, but grew up in the Netherlands. Together with her partner she raises their 2 year old daughter.

Says Woo has a strong connection with the Asian part of the globe, which reflects in the company name. Woo is actually a Korean family name, which they preferred over Who. And who’d disagree on that!

At the start of Says Woo they were only selling Korean products. As a result of their frequent travelling all over the world, they have started selling other global brands as well.

Despite the fact that Says Woo is a webshop, they are regularly to be found on lifestyle markets as well. A good example of one of these markets in the Netherlands is Swanmarket. It’s good to know that on these days, the website is off line, in order to prevent double selling! How smart!

Brands that they’re offering are: Anna Olive, Bebe de Pino, Beep Kidswear, Buddy and Bear, Borny Raincoats, Mini Dressing and Tunapaper Mobiles. And let’s not forget the lasercut, silkscreened Very Manly Pins x Says Woo-collaboration.

Herewith my favourite items of the shop:

Says Woo Popsicle Hairbrush

Says Woo Borny Raincoat Midnight Star

Says Woo Tunapaper Birdcage Mobile

Says Woo Mini Dressing Raccoon or Fox bag

Says Woo Very Manly Pins

Says Woo Buddy and Bear Storage Sack

Daphne loves:

1. …tattoos. She has 2 filled arms, 1 chest and a side piece. Although she hasn’t had a new one the last couple of 6.5 years.

2. …movies. All time favorites are The Royal Tenenbaums, Magnolia, Zoolander, Bridesmaids and Anchorman.

3. …Korean culture and Korean food.

4. …toys which are out of proportion, like a big pencil or giant icecream cone for instance.

5. …crisps in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. (I’m such a big crisps fan too!)

6. …that she loved the Backstreet Boys, especially Brian! (My guilty pleasure as well…)

7. …to talk.

8. …travelling.

9. …90’s and 00’s emo and rockpunk.

Once you’ve seen the webshop or start following their Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest feed, you will find out for yourself why I am such a huge fan!

Want to see what I created with some of their products: Popsicle Hairbrush and Bebe de Pino Socks.

Xo, #littleauntie

Source and Picture credits: Says Woo