Molo | Urban, funky, colourful, witty and Scandinavian

So, yesterday early in the evening I (+colleague) arrived in Oslo for a couple of days regarding CRM training business purposes. You know, my daytime job. After a light dinner we went for a stroll around Oslo city center. Me, without a jacket, cause I was so smart to think that it would be more or less the same temperature as in Holland and at home the weather was kind of nice, so how bad could it be in Oslo. Well, pretty cold, too windy and too rainy to walk around only in a shirt and summer kind of cardigan I can tell. And of course cardigans are the only thing I brought with me…

After finishing today I went into a shopping mall: Oslo City Shopping Centre next to Oslo Central Station, looking for an H&M. I mean, when in Norway and you want to buy a jacket, but not a too expensive one, cause you alreay have a bucket full of jackets at home…you just go to H&M. This is the cheapest retailer in Oslo. Just so you know.

The H&M was quickly spotted, but when looking frantically for the entrance of the store my eye fell on a shop with the name MOLO. I thought immediately how familiar that brand sounded and was curious whether that would actually be THE Molo of #moloinsta which I have used a couple of times in my flatlays (melon swimsuit, flamingo shirt and legging and swimcap), and the same Molo which is being sold by ‘t Kevertje in Utrecht, Holland (and webshop)!

And how right I guessed! I entered the beautiful store with a very helpful and nice sales woman. She gave me a tour and told me that this was actually the only MOLO brandstore in Norway! I explained to her that I recognized the prints and that seeing them ‘live’ made them even more beautiful!

A bit more about the Molo brand learns that since they launched the first kids collection age 2 to 8 in spring 2003, their product range has grown ever since. From baby wear to a boys’ and girls’ collection up to 14 years, and even swimwear. Molo believes that children can express their creativity and personality by wearing the Molo brand, which offers comfortable day to day fashion.

I asked her what the popular items of the moment are and she showed me the next stuff, whereas the flower items were very hunted on towards national festivities last 17 May.

When walking through the store everywhere you look, whether it was the walls, displays and all clothing, it shouts: urban, funky and colourful. Together with witty details and a Scandinavian look.

With 8 concept stores in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Besides sales offices and showrooms in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Benelux. Molo brand is being sold globally in 30 countries, meaning 600 leading kidsfashion stores and department stores.

Just see and decide for yourself!

Xo, #littleauntie

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