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For all your mini-cuties, I present you: Qtie. This kidsfashion brand, which has its roots in Rotterdam (whereelse?!) offers clothing for babies from the moment they are born untill they’re 6 year old kids. And if I say clothing, I mean HAPPY clothing: bright colours and unique prints. See for yourself.

First hand experience, by F (my niece) and me, learned that the clothes are truly lovable! When F wore it, she didn’t care for anything else to wear! In fact she started running off into the garden barefoot the minute she was dressed. Fortunately for her the sun was shining! Which made her kind of jump on and off a table..and a bench..and running and so on. She kept saying she loved the print and she loved how the pants and shirt felt to her skin: no irritating scratchy itchy bity parts!  She couldn’t make up how to wear it and wanted to try different combinations. And she is just 4. Let alone when she gets older….

Who is Qtie?
Founder of Qtie is Maaike Groenewegen, 30-ish year old mum of 2 young girls: both her ever inspiration to the Qtie designs as well as family dog Rocco. Being creative as a child, she kept on nurturing this creativity during far into adulthood, next to having an own restaurant for over 12 years, together with her partner.

She started to design sweaters and t-shirts for her kids when they were little.  Which led to first production items for her youngsters. And these little personal items, caught the attention of people around her, whereas often a request became: “Can you make something with a rabbit?” From here things went really fast and 2 years ago Qtie became a fact!

Newcomer struggles
Maaike kept on working in the restaurant, while working on the Qtie-part starting early in the mornings and finishing late in the evenings. As a rookie in this kidsfashion business she learned it the quick and hard way! And in between, also trying to maintain a work/life balance.

Fortunately the latter will become better, because the restaurant has been sold. This gives Maaike the chance to put all energy and focus completely into Qtie. And as a true entrepreneur she embraces the fact ‘do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life’.

What to expect next?
Summer hasn’t even properly started yet, but she’s already working hard on designs for Fall/Winter 2015. For her in order to present and be present ready on Playtime Paris, the coming 4, 5 and 6 July!

First hand learns that the new collection will keep the front and back print, which is one of Qties unique selling points. And two new all over prints will be launched! Next to embroidered designs and combination designs of both print and embroidery. I can’t wait to see them for real! Needless to say that also this new collection is made of high quality organic cotton.

Peek-a-boo new collection:

I can imagine that you now have come to the point that you can’t wait for yourself as well and that you want to stay tuned by following Qtie on Instagram and Facebook.

Maaike loves
1. …Rotterdam, especially the skyline

2. …too many spots in Rotterdam

3. …brainstorming about photoshoots with a Rotterdam twist

3. …food

4. …sushi, but not the all-you-can-eat kind

5. …being a morning person

6. …having outerhome breakfasts

7. …drinking coffee

8. …fresh beginnings, new starts

Xo, #littleauntie

All photocredits: by Qtie. Photocredits F: me


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